Plan Advisors

The following is a compilation of the most frequently asked questions for Plan Sponsors. Toggle the arrow to see the answer.

SEB Administration Services Inc. contact information is as listed: Mailing Address: SEB Administration Services Inc. 2110 Kipling Ave PO Box 1326 Toronto, ON M9W 5L6 For Sales Inquiries: Contact: Madison Mckimm Email: Local: 416.428.7636 For Other Inquiries: Email: Local: 416-637-3484 Fax: 1-866-521-3484

The minimum group size is 10 lives.

    The process for implementing a new group is as follows:
  • Review Plan Design.
  • Complete Master Application.
  • Determine divisions for group for invoicing & reports purposes.
  • Calculate & Collect Administration Fee Deposit.
  • Receive group logo electronically, design benefit card, prepare a sample of benefit card & obtain approval from group.
  • Load Employees' eligibility.
  • Print Benefits cards.
  • Complete application for stop loss, out of country & pooled benefits (if required).
  • Determine & agree upon service expectation.
  • Agree on invoice & payment frequency.
  • Agree on internet access requirements.
  • Provide Employee Benefit Kit, 7- 14 days prior to group effective date (employee listing, health & travel cards, brochures & booklets).

If the group Benefits Program involves Drug, Dental & Extended Health Care Adjudication, the Group Administration Department must have all completed documentation (i.e. eligibility, master application, logos, etc.) submitted to SEB Administration Services Inc. within a minimum of fourteen (14) days prior to the effective date of the group. SEB Administration Services Inc. provides exceptional turnaround time, providing all sign-offs are received within the specified time.

SEB Administration Services Inc. prefers to accept eligibility electronically, but can also accept paper enrolment forms for smaller groups, or as available. A charge may apply for paper enrolments.

Yes. SEB Administration Services Inc. provides Health & Dental booklets. We also provide one booklet for groups with Stop Loss & Out of Country, & one booklet for Pooled Benefits. There is a minimum set up fee & unit cost associated with each plan design. Our cost is very competitive within the marketplace.

Yes. There is a minimum set-up fee & unit cost associated with each plan design. Our cost is competitive within the marketplace as cards are designed in-house. We also provide an exceptional turnaround time, provided all sign-offs are received within the specified time.

    Yes, SEB Administration Services Inc. adjudicates benefit claim lines for:
  • Drugs. (on-line real time & paper)
  • Dental. (on-line real time & paper)
  • Extended Health Care.
  • Hospital.
  • Vision Care.
  • Cost Plus.
  • Health Spending Account.
  • The integrated solution can process one payment for all different benefit type claim lines.

SEB Administration Services Inc. can guarantee their Health & Dental administration rates for two (2) years. Stop Loss, Out of Country & Pooled Benefits are reviewed each year.

SEB Administration Services Inc. offers highly worthwhile commission rates to benefit advisors/brokers, who promote our business. Please contact our Customer Service Centre at 416-637-3484 or 1-888-939-8885, Monday to Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm EST for more information.

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