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SEB Administration Services Inc. allows for the direct transmission of Prescription Drug Claims & Dental Claims from point-of-service to the Adjudicator/Payor. This facility follows the CDAnet, standard version 4.03 for Dental Claims & the CPhA version 3.0 for Drug Claims. We also participate with Emergis as a provider of network services. 

SEB Administration Services Inc. will reimburse the submitting Pharmacy or Dental Office for the full balance claimed, less any applicable "Patient Pays" portions, for all valid Prescriptions & Services, as defined by provincial statute. Payment is made into the submitting Office's designated bank account by electronic funds transfer within three (3) to five (5) business days after the Claim submission was made. Dentists who do not wish to accept assignment can submit Dental Claims electronically, in which case payment will be made directly to the Insured.

SEB Administrative Services will reconcile all amounts paid to the submitting Office, including transaction claim numbers, the dates of transactions, and the amounts claimed and paid. Reconciliations shall be available to the submitting Office at any time. 

We also provide two toll-free numbers for Clients to call for any assistance they may require. Hours of Operation are as follows:

Provider Hours Days Contact Number
Pharmacy 9am-5pm EST Mon-Fri 1-888-939-8885
Dental & EHC 9am-5pm EST Mon – Fri

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