Fully Integrated

Technology Platform in One Technology Environment

Real-Time Access

To Standard Reports & Data Mining Capabilities

Our proprietary administration solution provides maximum flexibility and secure access to important data. In addition, through single sign on and interfaces, the solution is able to offer full integration with both clients and vendors and has a proven track record of supporting a wide range of clients in terms of both size and plan design. The SEB administration solution drives enhanced benefits delivery, provides clients with a range of reporting options and uses automation to eliminate the errors that occur with manual processing.

The main features of the administration solution are:

  • Seamless and intuitive – Employees will love how easy the enrolment will flow resulting in improved appreciation of your benefits program;
  • Enhances benefits delivery – The service levels will improve dramatically, reducing the time spent by the your resources on follow-ups and administration;
  • Ability to run ad hoc reports and view information – Your administrators will spend more time performing value-added tasks and less on rework and data manipulation;
  • Fully automated – Manual errors eliminated;
  • Compliant – Every legislative change is duly programmed and included in our service fees;
  • Flexible – We know that one size does not fit all when it comes to benefits delivery.

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