North Bay

Stroma Service Consulting Inc.

Address: 19 Legault St, North Bay, ON P1A 4K3

About our North Bay location: Stroma is an IT services company that helps organizations make significant improvements in the cost, quality, and level of IT and business services that they provide to their business and customers.



SEB Administrative Services Inc.

Address: 3rd Floor, 395 Boul. De Maisonneuve W. Montreal, Québec H3A 1J6

About our Montreal location: Our downtown Montreal office is located right next to the famous Quartier des Spectacles, which is home to several festivals throughout the year. We have multilingual colleagues who run our customer service centre and our benefits administration delivery team.



Paradigm Consulting Group Inc.

Address: 1200–1881 Scarth Street, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4P 4K9

About our Regina location: Based in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Paradigm provides information technology and business consulting services including project management, business analysis, and application services.



Paradigm Consulting Group Inc.

Address: 700–177 Lombard Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3B 0W5

About our Winnipeg location: Based in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Paradigm provides information technology and business consulting services including project management, business analysis, and application services.



Maplesoft Group and SOMOS Consulting Group Ltd.

Address: 1545 Carling Ave. Suite 702, Ottawa, ON, K1Z 8P9

About our Ottawa location: The Ottawa location is the headquarters for the Maplesoft Group and SOMOS Consulting Group Ltd. Maplesoft Group is a consultancy that helps clients successfully execute their business strategies, create value and achieve measurable results through the innovative and collaborative delivery of professional consulting services. SOMOS is a specialized management consulting and training firm that provides a range of advisory, support and professional services to companies and organizations that need changes in technological or technical staffing needs.



Address: 5500 Explorer Drive, 3rd & 4th floor, ON L4W 5C7

About this location: 5500 Explorer Drive is the head office for SEB Group of Companies, and home to SEB Inc., SEB Administrative Services Inc., Qlogitek Technology Ltd, Inforica Energy Solutions, Adeeva Nutritionals Canada Inc. and Meschino Health & Wellness Corp.

Address: 5520 Explorer Drive, 4th floor, ON L4W 5L1



SEB Administrative Services Inc. and Inforica

Address: ETT- Express Trade Towers B 36, Sector 132 B Block, 132 201301, Noida, Sector 85, Uttar Pradesh

About our Noida location: Our Noida office is home to our development team, benefit administration operations and implementation teams for SEB Administrative Services Inc. and Inforica. Our team manages global technology applications and creates and delivers innovative and integrated solutions ensuring unmatched quality assurance.



SEB Administrative Services Inc. and Inforica

Address: Unit No. 1106 – 1109, JMD Megapolis, Sohna Road, Sector 48, Gurugram, Haryana 122018

About our Gurgaon location: Our Gurgaon office is home to the majority of the technology team for SEB Administrative Services Inc. and Inforica. This team focuses on creating holistic solutions to meet technical and business requirements. 



Inforica FZE

Address: P. O Box 85878, Amenity Center 01, Office No 6, Floor 10, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

About our Dubai location: Located on the 10th floor overlooking the Arabian Sea, Inforica FZE is nestled in the famous Ras Al Khaimah business centre surrounded by over 100 business offices and within walking distance of the spectacular Al Hamra Village that caters to over 6000 residences. The village includes entertainment facilities including a PGA golf course, Marinas, Restaurants and the famous Waldorf Astoria hotel. Inforica FZE provides services to the local region and neighbouring countries.



SEB Administrative Services Inc. and Inforica

Address: Aditya Trade Center, 3rd Floor, Ameerpet, Hyderabad, 500038 India

About our Hyderabad location: Our Hyderabad office is home to many of our Inforica employees. Inforica focuses on creating enterprise solutions in business communications management, enterprise resource planning, CRM solutions, business intelligence solutions, global sourcing and industry solutions.

SEB Group of Companies

SEB Administrative Services Inc. is a subsidiary of the SEB Group of Companies (“SEB”) - a rapidly growing technology company, trading on the TSXV (Toronto Stock Exchange Venture) under the ticker SEB. SEB is a Business Process Automation and Outsourcing Technology Company providing software, solutions and services to a national and global client base. SEB has a specialty growth focus in cloud enabled SaaS processing solutions for managing employer and government sponsored benefit plans on a BPO (Business Processing Outsourcing) business model, globally. This is a major growth focus, SEB currently serves corporate and government clients across Canada and internationally. Over 80% of SEB's revenues derive from government, insurance and healthcare organizations. SEB's technology of over 800 multi-certified technical professionals, across Canada and globally, is a critical competitive advantage in supporting the implementation and management of SEB's Benefits Processing Solutions into client environments. SEB's Benefits Processing Solutions can be game changing for SEB clients. SEB currently administers over $1B of Premiums for more than 50 of Canada's corporate elite companies, representing over 300,000 plan members. SEB's revenues are over $100M with contracts (backlog, evergreen, option year) valued at over $500M. 

The core expertise of SEB is automating business processes utilizing SEB proprietary software solutions combined with solutions of third parties through joint ventures and partnerships. SEB's client acquisition model in benefits processing is "Channel Partnerships" where SEB processing solutions both improve cost structures and enable new revenue models for Channel Partners and clients. All SEB solutions are cloud enabled and can be delivered on a SaaS platform. SEB solutions turn cost centers to profit centers for our Benefits Processing Channel Partners.