Digital Event: How the pandemic helped evolve the meaning of EAP

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only accelerated the need for virtual care at a safe and remote distance, it has also sparked a mental health crisis. Canadian employees need solutions to assist in areas beyond the physical.
Enter TELUS Health LifeJourneyTM, a “One Front Door In” virtual health and wellness platform designed for today’s employee, work environment and climate. The platform combines a state-of-the-art virtual health platform with compassionate Care Advocates who assist employees on their path towards improved health, mindfulness, and self-esteem by crafting personalized care plans. These plans span physical health, mental health, work-life and well-being services, allowing employees to manage their portfolio of wellness in one convenient location.
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LifeJourney's Care Advocates create specialized care plans built on services which can address numerous issues
  • Consolidates employee benefits, incentivizes employee utilization, customizes to employers' pre-existing health and wellness programs, and simplifies the way employers can care for their employees.
  • Individualized Care enabled by insights and prompts on a platform of technology and data
  • Compassionate and Empathetic Care scaled and multiplied by Care Managers and Advocates who serve to optimize the patient experience and improve health outcomes
  • Enhanced Prevention Strategies enabled by a holistic view of care through process innovation in virtual care
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Watch a recording of the July 8th Digital Event: "How the Pandemic Helped Evolve the Meaning of EAP

SEB Administrative Services Inc. is a technology company that designs and develops products and services for improved HR and benefits administration, for both the employer and the employee. SEB Administrative Services Inc. collaborated with TELUS Health, on the design of LifeJourney™, a care-centric Employee Assistance Program (EAP) solution.
The platform, launched February 22, 2021 and is offered as part of SEB Administrative Services Inc.’s FlexPlus® suite of products. These solutions help to harmonize the delivery of benefits to Canadian employees. Our solutions are available to Canadian Plan Sponsors and Third-Party Administrators (TPA).

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